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Ultraviolet Technology “kills” Airborne Viruses and Bacteria Around People

Magec Air™ Sanitation Lamps are developed from a 10-year-old scientific discovery of Germicidal Far-UVC, ultraviolet light that kills or inactivates viruses and bacteria without harming people, animals or plants. Our Magec Air™ Sanitation Lamps not only “kill” SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 but also inactivates other airborne viruses & bacteria that cause other illnesses like the “common” cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps, measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis, legionnaires disease…

Quotes from Dr. David Brenner, Biophysicist at Columbia University:

  • “Far-UVC light efficiently kills viruses, and bacteria too, but all the available evidence, and here’s the thing, is that it’s safe for human exposure”…
  • “overhead, indoor Far-UVC lights could be used to kill viruses in indoor spaces where people are present and reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission of COVID”…
Dr. David Brenner of Columbia University on Far-UVC

A serious COVID issue is that the virus SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID can be airborne for lengthy periods of time and variants increase the danger of every virus, including SARS-CoV-2. While current technology does not support safely sanitizing air while people are present, this discovery uses Germicidal Far-UVC ultraviolet light to quickly and safely inactivate viruses and bacteria while people are present.


Germicidal Far-UVC is ultraviolet light in the low end of the ultraviolet light spectrum from 207-222nm illustrated in the graphic below. Natural Far-UVC from the sun is blocked by the earth’s ozone layer.

Germicidal Far-UVC only inactivates viruses and bacteria that are directly exposed, which make this technology particularly applicable to those that are airborne, including virus variants. The reason Germicidal Far-UVC is safe for people but “kills” viruses and bacteria is physics, Germicidal Far-UVC is easily blocked by virtually any organic or inorganic material of any substance. Viruses & bacteria sheath (essentially skin for want of a better word) is as close to non-existent as physically possible. Germicidal Far-UVC can inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air but cannot inactivate viruses or bacteria if they enter a person’s body, even if it is just in their surface skin. Beneficial bacteria in the skin that are easily destroyed with soap, chemical sanitizers or inactivated by sunlight are difficult for Far-UVC to reach let alone affect. The physics of Germicidal Far-UVC makes it safe for people, animals and plants but very effective against COVID as well as other viruses and bacteria that are airborne like the “common” cold, flu, chicken pox, mumps, measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis, legionnaires disease…

Explanation of Far-UVC Ultraviolet Light & Magec Tech™ Technology

Magec Tech™ does not advocate that Germicidal Far-UVC replace masks, physical distancing or vaccines during the current COVID pandemic or any epidemic. COVID-19 is a pandemic and all available technologies, both traditional and new, should be applied. However, we believe Germicidal Far-UVC can substantially enhance the efficacy of traditional measures of combating contagions by actively inactivating viruses and bacteria that are airborne while people are present in public and workspaces thus reducing the scope and duration of the human, economic and societal costs of COVID.


* Magec Air™ is a trademark of Magec Tech™ Ltd for our line of Germicidal Far-UVC enabled devices that “inactivate” viruses & bacteria that are airborne without harming people, animals or plants.