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Soo Today Article on Magec Air Sanitization Lamps by Magec Tech

Our COVID combating Far-UVC ultraviolet technology is in Soo Today news, full article at

New technology based on 10 year old discovery & scientific study at Columbia University of Far-UVC spectrum of ultraviolet light that “kills” airborne viruses, bacteria & spores without harming people, animals or plants. Quotes from the Soo Today article:

“The Magec Air 500 air sanitation lamp, once it is on the market, could be installed overhead in offices or public spaces and disinfect areas up to 700 square feet in size from airborne viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, said Errington, who serves as Magec Tech’s business strategist.”

“This (Magec Air air sanitation lamp) won’t do everything, but long term, it can battle these variants. It looks like we’re quite probably going to have variants of COVID for the foreseeable future unless we start becoming much more proactive about the technologies we use,”

“Far-UVC is indeed a new technology, but promising to directly and safely inactivate viruses in occupied spaces,” wrote Columbia University physicist Dr. David Brenner in an email to SooToday.

“Brenner is investigating the safety and potential use of far-UVC to restrict the spread of airborne viruses, including COVID-19, in hospitals, schools and a host of other public spaces.”

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