Far-UVC Impacts

We do not advocate that Far-UVC replace masks, physical distancing or vaccines during the current COVID pandemic or any epidemic. COVID-19 is a pandemic & all available technologies, both traditional & new, should be applied. Far-UVC can however, substantially enhance the efficacy of traditional measures of combating contagions by actively inactivating viruses & bacteria that are airborne while people are present in public & work spaces thus reducing the scope & duration of the human, economic & societal costs of COVID-19.

Far-UVC can also pro-actively protect public & work spaces from potentially any viruses or bacteria that is airborne, including variants from mutations. This not only reduces person to person infections but also animal to animal & animal to human. Public & work spaces can be protected from being spaces of transmission of viruses & bacteria such as the “common” cold, influenza, chicken pox, mumps, measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis, legionnaires disease… Also, Far-UVC can inactivate many airborne fungi spores that cause allergies & other health issues.

Far-UVC has the potential to be a game changing technology in reducing the risks of contagions & future pandemics as well as reducing the danger & costs of microorganism mutations from inter-species & cross species transfers & infections.


Magec Air™ devices are environmentally responsible. First devices are manufactured for long life, non-toxic components as much as possible in electrical devices & lamps used do not contain mercury.

Second we have developed Magec Tech™ patented technology to optimize and extend lamp life so the 10,000 hours life of the lamps can extend

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